Pregnancy Cravings – You are Not Alone!

shutterstock_68371888Before I had my two boys I didn’t really understand pregnancy cravings, in fact I wondered if women actually had these cravings or were just pretending for attention. I mean do people really want to eat gherkins and ice cream together? There couldn’t be any truth in it could there?? I was soon to find out…….

We were delighted to be expecting our first baby. I didn’t suffer with morning sickness with either of my boys, I just felt queasy at the sight of fish for the fist 4 months or so. Now fish is something I love. I eat it all the time so to open the fridge and feel so sick at the sight of it was surprising. Already my likes and dislikes were changing……..but would I get a pregnancy craving?

The answer is yes. At first I didn’t notice that it was a craving. My first baby, Harry, was born on September 19th so I carried him through the summer months and it was a hot summer. I took a liking to Calippo ice lollies. They were very refreshing. However as the weeks went by I realised I was consuming a lot of them, so many in fact that the freezer had no food in it, just ice lollies. It actually got to the point where I was getting up in the middle of the night and sitting in the dark eating them in the kitchen! It was true……pregnancy cravings did exist!

Calippo_Mini92-175093I don’t know why pregnancy cravings exist, I don’t know why I wanted calippo ice lollies but I can tell you now that if there were none in the freezer, if we ran out it was a major disaster. Someone would have to go and get some. It was like I was addicted. I just needed those ice lollies and nothing was going to stop me. I can’t explain the feeling but I had to have them, and when I was eating them I remember thinking if there is a heaven this is what it will be like. Yes I sound like a nut job and my other half could not stand the crunching of them…. to be honest as I am writing I am cringing at the thought of how I crunched them. So it became a thing that I did alone so as not to have to hear the moaning of my other half!

It actually became quite a stress in the end. Everyone was commenting on how many I ate and I found myself trying to stop eating them and failing! It was so bad I couldn’t see me ever being able to stop. When I have the baby what if I can’t stop eating them? It crossed my mind so much I asked the midwife and then got a second and third opinion from the doctor and a consultant I saw. They all said it would but I had my doubts!

Then it happened, my waters broke, my baby was on his way. I had a healthy baby boy, born by C-section weighing 9lb. He was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen of course and the next few days were scary and emotional as I was now a mum and in charge of a tiny newborn. We went home on day 3 and the midwife came and went, then signed me off. I was enjoying my little Harry and a week or so later I went to the freezer to get some food out for dinner and was halted in my tracks. There facing me was a freezer half full of Callipo ice lollies. It had been over a week and I had not even noticed that I didn’t want them anymore. The pregnancy craving vanished as soon as I was no longer pregnant! It really was as simple as that!

My second baby was the same but this time it was glasses of ice cubes and again I had to crunch them which of course pleased Nick greatly! lol. This time I didn’t worry about not being able to stop as I knew it would. As soon as Albie arrived I had no need for ice at all.

Recently, as I do so much newborn photography, I have had a few mums tell me of their pregnancy cravings and they always seem to be ones that I don’t find uncommon. The top ones I hear are ice, sweet things like sweets and cake, crunchy vegetables such as lettuce and cucumber, fruit, roast dinners and gravy etc. So I decided to post a thread on our Facebook page to see if there were any different ones. Here is the thread if you want to look at it, its a good read. We did have a couple of strange ones such as coal and sponges…..not as in sponge cake but as in sponges that adsorb water!

Gem wrote: “I had a very weird craving with my first daughter it was kitchen sponges I thought I was the only one and kept it secret from everyone till I found out I wasn’t the only one, lol” Kate went on to say: “I had a craving for sponges with all 3 of mine 🙈 2 girls and a boy. I used to crave bath sponges and would have to pull bits off to chew after running them under the hot tap! I never ate one just had the urge to chew on them.”

Jean told us: “I liked black dog biscuits and I liked licking coal (wierd eh). Had one of each 18 months apart. Girl first.”


Its been fun hearing about all the different pregnancy cravings people have had. Luckily everyone that commented all went on to have healthy baby boys and girls, which is of course all that matters.

If you have a pregnancy craving while you were expecting please share it with us. We would love to hear what it was or is. We would be delighted if you subscribed to our Blog here. We would love to share our blog posts with you.

Best Wishes,

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