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My Watch me grow package captures in essence the three captivating stages of babies development in their first year. Capturing these moments are a forever reminder of those thrilling and beautiful days.

Your baby will grow, change and develop so quickly in their first year and if you are anything like me you will not want to miss a single thing. With my ‘Watch me grow’ package you will be able to record your Baby’s first few days, capturing all their little features and their new-ness with my natural sleepy shots, you will also get to capture the first time they sit, crawl and even stand and finish their first year with a first birthday photo shoot or cake smash, ensuring you never forget a moment of your baby’s first year!”  We have a free Newborn Photography Guide – ‘What to Expect’ that you may care to read and or download.  There is more to newborn photography than you might imagine and this guide reveals all.  Helping you achieve the most amazing photographs to cherish.

The ‘Watch me grow’ package includes the following 3 sessions:


To achieve those sleepy, peaceful, newborn pictures you should book your session no later than the first two weeks of baby’s birth. Before day 10 is best and although this may seem very early it really will allow you to capture some beautiful images of your newborn to look back on in the many years to come … it may be a cliché but before long they will be a newborn no more! My sessions are very relaxed and will take as much time as required, sometimes up to 4 hours to allow for feeding, changing and lots and lots of settling! Mum and Dad can feel free to join in too.  I request that you do not bring siblings to a newborn session as these can be long and very boring for brothers and sisters, however, I can extend and adapt a session to include an opportunity to capture you all together, so do contact me to discuss this further if this is of interest.  From a newborn session you will get a selection of images both clothed and unclothed (if you wish).

Baby 6-9 Months

From 6-9 months is a great time for your next session as your baby will be smiling, developing their own little personality and depending on age could even be sitting or crawling. At this age you can get some amazing images that are timeless and show so much expression! At these sessions I welcome siblings as it is a much shorter session, lasting only 1 hour and works very well. Photographs can be taken with baby on their own and with siblings, and I can even take a few family shots if time permits. You are also welcome to bring changes of outfits.

1st Birthday

The last session is conducted for Baby’s first birthday. You can choose between a Cake Smash or a standard portrait session. Once again I welcome siblings and Mum and Dad. Our Cake Smash sessions are brilliant fun and provide a different type of picture. I am happy to conduct the cake smash session before the first birthday should you wish to use the pictures for birthday invites. However your baby must be sitting confidently to perform a cake smash session. This session is a fabulous record of your child’s first birthday and you will be so glad you captured it!

If you would like more information on my Watch Me Grow sessions then please get in touch as I would love to hear from you. Contact me at or if you would like to book please fill out out booking request form here.

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